Area 34

This is dangerous territory. Enter and be DOOMed!


Oliver Brakmann digs up the graveyard!

2.26.01/3.06.01 Oliver Brakmann identified 11bones, one of the earliest maps to use the "raised circular walkway" design that has since become a standard feature. As to what gave it away, Oliver writes, "The medipak? I wasn't totally sure, but would have been if you had moved the character in such a way so that the door to your right would have been visible. No, really: I think 11bones.wad was one of the very first (if not *the* first) PWAD I ever played. You don't forget those.


Colin Phipps strikes again!

5.22.00/5.23.00 Colin Phipps barely let this one get ripe before guessing ... well, almost. Close enough. This is Flash, probably the most often-modified solo-player map of all time. But it started life as a deathmatch map called Mine1, included with one of the early level editors. (Colin had all the details, but by the time I got around to updating this, I couldn't find his email :(


Classic Map's identity revealed!

3.18.00/5.22.00 Colin Phipps wins our first banana! He writes, "Not that a 3-cement-wall start is very distinguishing, but it triggered a very old memory, and I pulled off a mirror. megawatt.wad by Casey Miller, perhaps? :-) Only took me seconds to think of it, then again it was one of the first levels I ever got off of" Yes indeed, Marines, this is Megawatt, a classic map that introduced a new and enduring visual style.

(dripping blood animated bar)

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updated 6.23.03
Better late than never! :)