It's Always Dark in The Twilight Asylum

Okay, so you want to know about me? If not, why are you reading this?? Some people are just plain snoopy. Oh all right... :)

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I'm Ky Moffet, better known on the Net as "Rez" -- an old-vintage professional dog trainer and breeder of old-style working Labrador Retrievers (50 years in dogs, and 15 generations of my own bloodline to date). If you're interested in a good black or yellow puppy as a gundog or family companion, contact me directly at Longplain Kennels Reg'd and we'll talk more about it. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of my dogs. I'm in Montana, but can ship pups anywhere.

I also breed computers. I've had as many as a dozen  working systems in the house at once, and built most of them myself from scratch. Need help with your system? Upgrade, repair, troubleshooting? Beginner in need of training at a level you can understand? I'm available in the Billings area at reasonable rates. Contact me at Offworld Systems.

Lessee, what else. I'm a DOOM addict. If I haven't killed some hellspawn, my whole day is a bust. I've been on three DOOM source modification teams (BOOM, Marine's Best Friend, and Fusion). DOOM is not dead!

I'm also the modera-- er, Host of ILink's WordPerfect conference. If you're sick of Usenut, try ILink instead. No flames, no spam, no crazed egos, just good solid discussion of every topic you could desire.

I'm into Science Fiction. I write character-driven space opera. Someday maybe you'll see it on the shelves of your local bookstore.. meanwhile, you may run into me any Thursday at the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. (addedum 8-22-12: Well, at least before I moved back to the Northern Wastes.)

And sometimes I rant about Life During Wartime.  updated 4.4.15

Or I listen to The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets.  updated  3.20.13

High explosives and other dangerously compressed gasses have been consigned to Area 34.  updated 2.26.01

View the Rogues Gallery from a safe distance.  updated 10.17.04

Reboot your brain with Randomly Accessed Memory.  updated often

Hear strange voices with our guest from the abyss, The Devil's Advocate updated whenever

That about covers the basics. Now go back to your own life ... or go somewhere else!

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