Description and Behavior

Your Rez is a guard animal. It is fairly aggressive and needs its own spot on the estate. It will defend the territory as well as the residence and family so long as it is treated in a fair manner. Even old Reziac are remarkably quick when provoked. If you have children you should teach them to leave the Rez alone, and certainly do not taunt it or you may end up with a bit of a mess. While Reziac are very independent, they do need some basic care, including very careful training. They do tend to be sensitive to cold (especially as they get older) and bright light in their eyes, so care should be taken to keep the eyes protected during the daytime (especially on sunny days), and the body outfitted with warm clothing for winter. Also a shelter it can call its own is a must.

Basic Care

Feeding: Your Rez needs a diet high in raw meat. This is what they like best and thrive on. However, do be aware that the meat must be very fresh as the Rez won't eat stale meat, and bad meat could make it sick. Offer food several times a day or allow your Rez to stash it away in its living quarters. Also, chocolate seems to be a favorite treat and is good for training rewards.

Grooming: This part is tricky. Reziac love being dirty and are not very prone to cleanliness. Baby Reziac are even worse and if allowed to get away with it while young, will be impossible to bathe without tranquilizers. The easiest way to do this is to start young and bribe it into to the bathtub with bits of chocolate. Try to get it to associate pleasant things with the bathtub. Always use warm water, as cold or scalding hot water will make it hate baths.

Clothes: If you teach it young, it can learn to tolerate wearing clothes.

Shelter: Provide a temperature-controlled shelter for your Rez. This is a must to keep it happy and healthy.

Veterinary care and Vaccinations: Find a veterinarian with experience and training especially for Reziac. This is usually an exotics wildlife type veterinarian. Make sure you get your Rez vaccinated against rabies, as many Reziac carry rabies and can pass it along to other animals, since the disease causes a nasty disposition and biting. Note: rabies will not kill a Rez; however if infected, they will remain carriers and transmit the virus for the rest of their lives.

Socialization: Unlike dogs, socializing your Rez does not improve its temperament, behaviour, or personality; quite the reverse. One should give it as much time to itself as possible without neglecting it.

Training: This is dangerous and very tricky. Reziac are brilliant thinkers and highly intelligent, but very aggressive and independent. They also have no desire to please and are totally self oriented. Bribing sometimes works, however they usually know what you're up to. Never try to force train too much. They hate that and will react negatively. Kindness and respect are the best approach.

The Older Rez: Middle-aged and older Reziac need special care. They are temperature sensitive, and may become gimpy and sore. After years of dedicated guarding, you owe it to your Rez to give it some special care in its Golden Years. Let it sleep in the house near the fire on cold nights, but let it have a clear view of the front door as they need to guard even when sleeping. Provide lots of soft, warm blankets and cushions, as they have sensitive bodies that don't appreciate hard or rough surfaces. Give your Rez a massage every night before it is put to bed; they especially like that. Make sure it has a warm meal in the evening and access to fresh water.

a typical Rez

manual by fuzdout