Rez's Gallery of Rogues

Featuring the most dangerous specimen captured to date!!

Rez is no one you'd care to meet in a dark alley.
Stay out of dark alleys, and you won't meet Rez.

Is it safe to come out yet?

Why, yes, I was just recently dug up; why do you ask?  This is my Hollyweird headshot from when I was doing bits and extras (1985-1989). I'm told that when Janet Cunningham cleaned the "retired" performers out of her famous Weirdo Book, this was the only photo she kept. (Taken 1985)

Hijacking Airwolf, or at least the helicopter that played Airwolf on TV. (Taken 1985 at Jetcopters Inc. in Van Nuys, California)

Move over, Mad Max! (Taken ca. 1980)

Proof that beekeeping causes insanity! (Taken ca. 1987 while working in a honey extraction plant.. If you could see honey at this stage, you would never eat the stuff!)

These days I'm never far from a computer. Either that, or they follow me around hoping to be petted. (Taken in the Internet Lounge at the 1996 World Science Ficion Convention. That's Robocop on the T-shirt.)

Some other causes of dementia. (Taken 1981 in Montana)

Is it safe to come out yet?

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